Client References

Since JET Aircraft Technical Services (JET) start and the launch of the BBJ and ACJ aircraft in 1998, the completions industry has been scrabbling to find high quality personnel with the education and experience to maintain a completion schedule and resolve problems. There has been a great exodus of experienced personnel from the completion centers over the years. Personnel losses, subcontractor problems, financial problems and poor planning has had an impact on some completion center's effectiveness to manage programs.

Your program represents a large financial investment on your company’s behalf. As the focal point of a successful program, JET considers the selection of a completions manager to be the most important decision with respect to the interior for a client's aircraft. We would like to support your continued effort in making your program successful.

The completions industry is a culmination of design, engineering, aesthetics, structures, electronics, regulatory, and aircraft maintenance experience. However, the most important experience is what the principle sees as he walks onboard the aircraft for the first time. JET's thirty five plus years of experience in corporate aircraft interiors allows us to make suggestions and foresee problems before they happen making the principle's experience a pleasant one for all involved. JET personnel would like to carry on the experiences they have gained from product manufacturing and managing complex programs by being given the opportunity to be utilized as the project manager or sales representative for your program.

JET has been successfully managing aircraft interior programs and product introductions for 35 plus years. Our certification/engineering background, client relations, management skills and conceptual skills on product application are our strong points. JET personnel enjoy working with others on solutions and resolving problems as they arise. Our skill set includes managing multiple programs, writing completion specifications, VIP/corporate aircraft interior products, design, technical drawings and managing Supplemental Type Certification (STC) programs. Using JET's working knowledge of design, engineering, certification, interior installation, cabinetry, seating, electrical, acoustical treatments, and maintenance documentation will be an asset on your project.

Please consider JET's services when selecting a representative by calling 210-602-3899.