Technical Drawings


JET Aircraft Interior Technical Services founder, Mr. Ed Harris, has an Associates Degree in Mechanical Design from San Antonio College and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with a minor in Marketing from the University of Texas. Mr. Harris has worked within the VIP interior completions departments of many prestigious companies such as Page Gulfstream, Dee Howard and Pyka Design.

If a client needs technical drawings of an aircraft floorplan, elevation, or focus cross sectional cuts thru critical areas prior to or after selecting a completion center JET can provide these.  JET has been producing technical drawing packages for 35 plus years and understands the manufacturing process thoroughly associated with fabricating and successfully completing a project.  The technical data we provide will be on time, accurate, fabrication friendly, and FAA certifiable. 

In January of 1993 Mr. Harris was granted an Interior Design license by the State of Texas. Although not practicing in the field any more, he still keeps an inactive status with the State of Texas.