Manufacturing Representative

JET Aircraft Interior Technical Services (JET) founder has provided sales and marketing support to Jeff Bonner Research and Development (JBRND) since January 2009.  JBRND provides worldwide fabrication support for mechanism design, composite, and sheet metal structures in corporate/military aircraft. JET's founder was the first fulltime sales representative for JBRND.  Mr. Harris implemented a business development strategy for JBRND's within the VIP/corporate aircraft completions industry and military programs which has kept the company profitable even during the worst US recession in history.  JBRND had 50 employees in 2009 when Mr. Harris came on as VP of Sales and Marketing today (January 2015) we have over 150 employees and are continuing to grow with new programs and projects.  On May 2015 Mr. Harris resigned his position to represent JBRND to take on the role as a customer completion manager for a widebody aircraft interior.
Mr. Harris composes bid proposals and sales proposals for long term agreements. Mr. Harris negotiates contracts, provides worldwide sales representation, and conducts marketing/advertising campaign activities.  He procured and implemented the customer relationship management software – Microsoft Business Contact Manager. Mr. Harris increased the customer base by adding 175 accounts and 1185 new sales contacts to the new company CRM database since January of 2009.

JET's  founder negotiated and acquired Lockheed Martin Strategic Supplier approval.  Mr. Harris negotiated and acquired Boeing Company Strategic Supplier approval for electronic data transfer and management for manufacturing.  He  brought in over 12 United States completions centers which were not doing business with JBRND; Jet Aviation,St Louis, Bizjet, Comlux Aviation, Associated Air Center, Comlux,  Gulfstream, L3 Communications Waco, Sikorsky, Northrop Grumman, Pat's Aircraft, Starport, and more.

Mr. Harris wrote the proposals and won contracts for the following; Boeing B747-8, B777, and BBJ1 Headliner Systems at U.S. based completion centers. JET's proposals have won VIP/corporate aircraft shower and lavatory projects at six major completions centers. 

Mr. Harris inspired the company's CEO to create numerous new VIP products which he felt would be beneficial to  the JBRND's manufacturing portfolio and future. JBRND is now bidding and winning wide-body headliners, showers, ceiling domes and manufacturing specialty products. Mr. Harris manages customer service personnel within company.  He has revised and authored many of the company process specifications and received FAA DER approval for their use in manufacturing composite furnishings and thermoformed plastics.

Mr. Harris left the company in April of 2015 to manage a Boeing 777-200 for a US based customer.  Upon completion of the aircraft on June 12, 2017, JET signed a contract with JBRND to represent them as their VP of Sales.