Manufacturing Representative

JET Aircraft Interior Services President, Mr. Ed Harris, was co-founder of Fiber Art, Inc. an aircraft composite manufacturing company started in 1995 and left the company in January of 1998.  His role as general manager of this brand new aerospace composites and plastic thermoforming manufacturing company was an  exciting challenge.  Mr. Harris designed and provided the technical drawings for unique composite components for completion centers worldwide.

Mr. Harris had several roles to fulfill in this infant company. He acted as the General Manager, VP of Sales, a technical integrator, and a program manager. When Mr. Harris left the company in 1998, they had grown from 3 personnel to over twenty five (25) employees. Mr. Harris established and maintained the customer data base for aerospace, commercial, and government accounts.  He interpreted customer engineering requirements and specifications for production.  Because the VIP completions industry is a small family of companies, it was Mr. Harris's relationships and marketing strategies which enabled the company to prosper.  
In 1990, Mr. Harris thought of and designed the free standing two piece shower used around the world in Boeing and Airbus completions.  This product was upgraded at this new company to include a weight reduction technique which is used today by many others in the industry.  Mr. Harris authored the company's original FAA Repair Station Manual and conducted company FAA certification efforts for all VIP interior products.

In January of 2001, Mr. Harris's company JET Aircraft Interior Technical Services (JET) was contracted to come back and represent the company as a sales consultant.  From January 2001 to May of 2005,  all revenue generated by company was generated by the JET representative.