Completion Management

JET Aircraft Interior Technical Services (JET) believes a successful interior completion management program starts after speaking with the client. Therefore, gaining a careful understanding of the aircraft floorplan, interior specification, and clients concern up front provides the basis of our involvement with the client's program.  The completion of a large aircraft is an enormously complex undertaking. JET's unparalleled expertise is evidenced by an impressive track record of interior programs and products. Blending aesthetic integrity with uncompromising quality control has been a JET trademark. As the focal point of a successful interior completion, JET considers the selection of a project manager to be the most important decision with respect to your aircraft.

A JET project manager assumes responsibility for:

1. Design of critical task path in order to facilitate efficient scheduling

2. Review of final design concepts with engineering to ensure completed products are safe, functional, manufacturing friendly, and FAA compliant as well as satisfying the clients requirements

3. Review of certification with FAA and completion center to avoid any unforeseen problems

4. Selection of vendors that have a proven track record in accuracy and quick response

5. Notifying client and completion center of long lead time items

6. Discussing engineering requirements with the client at a detailed level

7. Reviewing finalized engineering schedule to ensure it accommodates manufacturing and vendor delivery dates

8. Oversight of component selection, design details, engineering, construction, installation, and completion

9. Continuous interface with client representative to facilitate interim design approvals, flight crew briefings, production changes, scheduling delivery, etc.  Close coordination between certification, design, engineering, installation, manufacturing, and procurement is critical to the success of the final product. JET’s project managers guide the project through each step keeping all teams involved moving toward the same goal - an interior which states uncompromising quality and beauty which is problem-free, environmentally friendly, delivered on time and within budget.

10. Green aircraft delivery and document inspection.

Environmental and FAA regulatory requirements dictate the use of highly specialized materials in the construction of aircraft interior components. Lightweight alloys, advanced composite materials, flame resistant fabrics and require unique application and manufacturing capabilities.

Collaboration between JET and manufactures with extensive experience in the aerospace industry produces specialized and project- specific products including; head liners, valances, sidewalls, window products, showers, vanities, cabin furnishings and cabinetry.

Whether dealing with thermoformed polymers or exotic woods or fibers. JETs’ knowledge of composites substrates and manufacturing streamlines the construction process. Satisfying structural and weight requirements while maintaining the look and feel of quality environment is a difficult job done well by JET.
The final completion of an aircraft interior involves a complex amount of small details:

a. Inspection and testing of all systems and requirements of DO-160, DO-178, and DO-254 - mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, and avionics

b. Documentation of conformity between the specification, engineering, manufacturing, and installation

c. Installation of works of art, linens, galley and lavatory furnishings and amenities

d. Service letter/bulletin incorporation, Airworthiness Directives, and advisory circulars

e. Final cleaning and preparation of aircraft for delivery to client

f. Obtaining FAA Type Inspection Authorization and final FAA certification
JETs’ unwavering attention to a complex mix of  small details and multiple regulations throughout every project ensures that the interior completion schedule is met as the aircraft enters the final stage of completion.  By predicting delays, schedule deficiencies, and mitigating surprises,  JET promises that at delivery the aircraft will meet or exceed the client's expectations in every respect.

JET is ready to place its experience and teamwork on your aircraft completion. We encourage your questions about our company, so call us at 210-602-3899.